Thank you for helping to decorate the old town hall


Hundreds of people enjoyed the ‘scary’ sights of ‘Billund Night’, where lurking around town were hollowed-out pumpkins with glowing, scary mouths, giant spiders made from plastic bags stuffed with leaves, terrifying ghosts with blinking eyes and hovering bats and pumpkins made out of cardboard.

Capital of Children Company turned the lights out in the old Town Hall, with the corridors and hallways lit only by the glowing faces of dozens of pumpkins, while in the old canteen, local band ‘Miss Little John’ provided some cozy music.

“Billund Night was a golden opportunity to make use of our new home – part of the old town hall – and involve hundreds of local children in the decorations” says Mette Thybo, CEO of Capital of Children Company.

Thybo was heartened by the fact so many of Billund’s children – and adults – took up the challenge to decorate the city hall.

Capital of Children Company took 200 pumpkins from LEGOLAND, who used them for their Halloween display during the autumn holiday, before children from BillundSkolens SFO (after-school care group), fritidsklubben Gaarden (youth club) and Børnenes Univers (kindergarten) in Billund, as well as municipal and private day care children, cut them out into all manner of scary designs.

Day carers took pumpkins home in their prams and returned with their carefully carved pieces of art balancing on top, says Thybo.

“Among other things, I saw one carer who was driving in his fancy car with the little ones, while the fantastic pumpkins were balanced on the roof.”

The director was extremely pleased with the success of the event in the town hall and promises the Capital of Children Company will hold something similar next year, even without the supporting ‘Billund Night’ activities (which is only held every two years).


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