Capital of Children hold a special birthday party in Billund


It’s going to be a great party when UNICEF celebrates the anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Billund on Thursday 20th November. And is there a better place to commemorate the birthday of children’s democratic rights than right here in the Children’s Capital?

“We have many passionate people bringing the birthday to life, both during the day and for the party in the afternoon,” says Mette Thybo, CEO of Capital of Children Company. 

The forth grade at Henjsvig School and fifth graders at Søndre School have worked so much with the Children’s Convention’s 54 articles that they have written a rap song about it, turning the Convention into a track that is now being recorded by the Billund Culture School, with Mek Pek on the microphone. Mek Pek will perform the song at the birthday party.

In addition, all 11 classes from five schools in the municipality have agreed to a host a visit from one of UNICEF’s child experts in the build-up to the birthday celebration. The experts are aged between 14 and 17 years-old and visit schools to talk about the Convention, a subject that is very important, believes Thybo:

“According to UNICEF, Danish children lag far behind children from the rest of Scandinavia when it comes to knowledge of the Children’s Convention’s content. I’m therefore very happy that young people in the Billund municipality will have a chance to learn more about it.”

With all the festivities for the celebration, the Children’s Convention’s 23rd birthday party will be the largest ever in Denmark.

“In recent years the birthday has been celebrated in Sjælland, but when we heard about the Capital of Children Company in Billund, it seemed natural to organize the Children’s Convention anniversary with them. And we are very pleased that they have so many people involved in the events of the day,” says Jacob Colville-Ebeling, communications officer for UNICEF.

Some of the many companies who have provided their services for free include Lalandia in Billund, who have donated the use of their sports hall and free parking for all guests; MAVT and Unico Group, who manage the stage and sound on the day; Easyfood, for creating a giant birthday cake; Billund Culture School, for writing a rap song; LEGO Foundation, who provide free bus transport for children in after-school care; and last, but not least, the three artists: Mek Pek, Bubber and Basim. The first two are UNICEF ambassadors, while Basim is a former children's expert (in fact, he was a children's expert well before he became known on the TV show X Factor.)

Capital of Children Company has 600 tickets for the birthday party. The free tickets are available at the Capital of Children Company office in Billund town hall, at SuperBrugsen in Billund, Vorbasse and Sdr. Omme and in Kvickly in Grindsted. The tickets will be given out on a ‘first come, first served’ basis – and they are already highly sought after.

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