New Design Network Formed

Capital of Children Company has partnered with the Kolding School of Design and the “Danish Design and Architecture Consortium” to create a new Design Network, including businesses, education institutions and government agencies.

The network will focus on design, play and learning, three aspects that Danes have a special talent and affinity for. The Danish approach in these areas produces many unique design products and solutions, which many others in the worldwide industry are making use of.

The Design Network will promote and market play and design in south Denmark, as well increase exports of products, services and know-how. At the same time, it will produce a marketing campaign to attract workers, students, researchers, tourists, journalists and companies to Denmark.

Together with the Kolding School of Design, the Capital of Children is the natural starting point for activities and initiatives from the Design Network and if the focus is on children, the events will primarily take place in Billund.

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