Application for Children's General Assembly 2022

The deadline for applications was March 20 and it is therefore not possible to apply anymore. 

We have received motivated applications from children and young people from over 50 nations.

We are very pleased with all the applications and the interest of participating in the Children's General Assembly 2022.

In the upcoming period of time, the applications will be processed and in the end, 80 participants will be selected to participate.

The selection process

The workshop group will select the children through a thorough process based on the application and the KPI’s set by the partnership group. The process is conducted by the workshop group/selection panel, which consists of representatives from the workshop team, facilitator team and the evaluation team. 

Members of the selection panel possess competencies within pedagogy, dictactics, strategy and evaluation. They are all trained in safeguarding children. Safeguarding entails keeping the children's wellbeing the first priority, and making sure the participants feel safe and secure.

You can read about the criteria for selection below, as well as other factors that effect how we choose participants for Children's General Assembly 2022.


Fixed criteria: 

  • Age between 10-17 years
  • Good English skills, both verbal and written
  • Access to computer and stable internet

Soft criteria: 

  • Kindness to the world
  • Openness 
  • Maturity
  • A wish to collaborate

Other factors:

  • Maximum number of participants is 80
  • The application form is estimated to take around 15 minutes to fill out


For questions, contact

Capital of Children