Billund is the Capital of Children. Here children learn through play and are creative world citizens.

We are all born curious. We learn about life through play. But, the more we learn, the less we play. And gradually, we lose the ability to imagine anything other than what we know.

The pleasure of the absurd is replaced by knowledge and habitual thinking. And suddenly, we are just like the adults who did not understand us as children.

But the future is about creating together. And children know more than most that when playing together, you create worlds that no one has seen before. Find solutions never imagined.

That is what we want – to create worlds and solutions that no one has seen or imagined before. We want to make Billund Municipality a child-friendly city that invites adventure and exploration.

In short, Billund will be the best city in the world for children - and the world.

Capital of Children

Capital of Children unites Billund-based public institutions, organisations and cultural institutions in the vision and unites the organisations in the shared purpose of making Billund the Capital of Children.

Capital of Children develops strategic initiatives to realise Billund as the Capital of Children, initiates and drives projects in collaboration with partners. The Capital of Children Organisations mobilises organisations in Billund to support the realisation of the vision.

Why we do it!

Teachers, researchers, and politicians all over the world agree that children need skills that will enable them to collaborate, communicate, think critically, solve problems, and be creative.

Children need the creative world competencies for coping with and successfully navigating the complexity and opportunities in society. Billund, the Capital of Children, wants to invest in children's competencies.

Why play?

There is an urgent need for us to empower our children to succeed in such a world – and learning through play is one of the most meaningful ways of doing so.

The LEGO Foundation explains why.